UK model of student support wins admirers overseas

27 March 2018

BATA chair Antony Ruck and assessor and AT specialist Jodie Parkes were invited to present a seminar on the DSA at ATIA in January of this year. The weather was a balmy 24 degrees, so it wasn’t a difficult decision.

Entitled The UK Model for Supporting Disabled Students in Higher Education and with contributions from across the sector, the presentation set out to show the advances that have been made in the assessment, equipment and services provision, and ongoing support.

With attendees from across the globe, there was much interest in how the DSA is funded, the ecosystem that has developed to enable effective support, and feedback reinforced that the DSA is a flagship scheme that is the envy of the world.

We were especially delighted that BATA member Spellex were in attendance, and Sheldon Wolf has subsequently met with his US Congressman and discussed federal government funding for university students with learning disabilities.

He explained how in the UK, there are laws which require parity be given to students with disabilities so that they can participate on an even playing field with their peers. An ongoing conversation, and one we will monitor, support and assist with where possible.